Finding your best swimwearFinding your best swimwear

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Finding your best swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be challenging for women of any body shape - no one feels great in that tiny space inspecting their bodies! I like to keep an blog that showcases some of the really great stores out there that have helpful sales people and full ranges of swimsuits for any body type. I hope that by showing some of the great shops out there, I can start to show how positive the process of shopping for swimsuits can be in the right store. Read on for inspiration on finding a great swimsuit for any body type.

What to Look For in Competition Wear

Modeling competitions, bodybuilding competitions, and other such shows often involve special articles of clothing you'll wear just for that occasion alone; this usually means bikinis and briefs for men and women, worn for these shows only or for modeling interviews. Note a few tips when you're ready to shop and/or look at a line like Fuchsia By Alex for this type of outfit or these pieces for a show; you'll find that what you wear to an interview or when on stage is very different to anything you might actually wear to the beach! Read More 

Making the Perfect Suit Online

London has traditionally been the home of a great suit. While other countries have their tailors, bespoke British suits have always suggested quality and a wealth of tradition. However these days you don't need to head into a tailor to get a spectacular suit. There are some great options around to order your custom made suits online. Here are some ways to ensure your suit looks perfect when it arrives. Read More