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Finding your best swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be challenging for women of any body shape - no one feels great in that tiny space inspecting their bodies! I like to keep an blog that showcases some of the really great stores out there that have helpful sales people and full ranges of swimsuits for any body type. I hope that by showing some of the great shops out there, I can start to show how positive the process of shopping for swimsuits can be in the right store. Read on for inspiration on finding a great swimsuit for any body type.

What to Look For in Competition Wear

Modeling competitions, bodybuilding competitions, and other such shows often involve special articles of clothing you'll wear just for that occasion alone; this usually means bikinis and briefs for men and women, worn for these shows only or for modeling interviews. Note a few tips when you're ready to shop and/or look at a line like Fuchsia By Alex for this type of outfit or these pieces for a show; you'll find that what you wear to an interview or when on stage is very different to anything you might actually wear to the beach!

Mind your colours

For the beach, you may love the look of a sexy black bikini or a nice blue that matches your eyes, but remember that a competition, show, or interview is about showing off your physique. You may want to stick to neutral colors that blend with your own skin tone, so the bikini, brief, or other piece you wear doesn't distract or take away attention from your figure. The colour you choose will depend on your own skin; however, depending on the competition it may be a good idea to avoid blues or other such bold colours.

Catch the light

While you don't want a bikini or brief to detract from your form, it's also good if it catches the light when you're on stage so it also catches the eyes of the judges. This can mean some sparkle with beading or crystals; you could also look for shiny threads used in a brief or other piece that reflects light. These small details can make you stand out from others on a crowded stage.

Don't block the view

Bikinis, briefs, and other such pieces that you might wear for a competition, show, or even an interview need to ensure that judges and others get a clear view of your physique. Be careful of the cut of bikini bottoms and briefs; usually these are much smaller for shows than for the beach, but find a cut that flatters your own figure. If your backside is especially toned, choose a piece with a higher leg so more of your backside is exposed. Bikini bottoms and briefs should also hit below the gluteus muscles, to show them off properly and not block the lower set of muscles. For women, be careful about bikini tops that crisscross in the back or that have wide straps that could block the view of your back muscles or shoulders.