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Finding your best swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be challenging for women of any body shape - no one feels great in that tiny space inspecting their bodies! I like to keep an blog that showcases some of the really great stores out there that have helpful sales people and full ranges of swimsuits for any body type. I hope that by showing some of the great shops out there, I can start to show how positive the process of shopping for swimsuits can be in the right store. Read on for inspiration on finding a great swimsuit for any body type.

Making the Perfect Suit Online

London has traditionally been the home of a great suit. While other countries have their tailors, bespoke British suits have always suggested quality and a wealth of tradition. However these days you don't need to head into a tailor to get a spectacular suit. There are some great options around to order your custom made suits online.

Here are some ways to ensure your suit looks perfect when it arrives.

Fabric samples

Many custom suit websites offer you the option of ordering a sample book of the suit fabric they use. It's a great idea to order one of these before you buy if you are picky about the colour of your suits or the feel of the fabric, as texture and exact colour may display differently on different computer monitors or in different lights. That way you can confidently order the fabric of your choice!

If you are particular about the suit details, you can also contact the company to send samples of the buttons although these are not such a standard offering on most websites.

Get some help with measurements

Your suit will only fit as well as the measurements you supply. The most accurate measurements are done by another person, while the person taking the measurement can stay still and relaxed (so that there are no muscles being flexed, such as chest measurements when you have to lift your arms to the tape measure around).

Asking a friend or partner to help by taking the measurements can help make sure your suit fits really well.

Check out some reviews (with photos)

While many of the reviews you find online are useful, photos can be especially useful, if you have a harder to fit body type such as being a larger gent or a shorter man. These can give you an idea of how these suits hang on your particular body type. If after this you have particular concerns or preferences on fits at certain parts of the suit it's a great idea to note these in the free text section of the ordering form.

The reviews can also give you some idea of the order process and how long it typically takes suits to arrive and how the customer service experience is after your order gets processed, made and sent. .

Ordering a custom made suit online is a great way to get a good looking suit at a lower price than a traditional tailor.